문장 확장 원리

문장 확장 원리

명사와 동사를 보다 명료하게 하기 위하여 문장은 길어진다.
문장이 길어진다는 것은 상황은 보다 명료해 진다는 것을 의미한다. 그러나 구조를 파악하지 못하면 어렵게 느껴질 것이다.


  • 명사연결어 p+n 해석: ‘~한’
  • 동사연결어 to+v, Ving, Ved, Rel (n)+v 해석: ‘~할, ~하고 있는, ~하는, ~했던, ~된’
  • Students in this class like maths.
  • A beautiful lady to play the piano in the hall is my sister.
  • I know a man looking for a job.
  • She met the man respected by students.
  • They are looking for a man who can speak English well.


  • 명사연결어 p+n 해석: 동사가 발생한 장소, 방법, 시간
  • 동사연결어 to+v, Ving, con n+v 해석: 동사가 발생한 원인/결과(modal)와 시간의 전후(temporal)
  • He went to school by car.
  • Students are studying hard to pass the exam.
  • Judging from his accent, he is Scottish.
  • I did not go to the party yesterday, because I was very sick.
A beautiful lady in the room, to learn Mappinglish, and who wants to be a global leader has been talking joyfully with other people about Mappinglish learning method (MLM) for 2 hours to share her feeling of this method with them, even though she has not completed this course.